I was not his contemporary, and as I recall my opinions on Citi Field and a few other team matters were far afield of his, but make no mistake, Dana Brand—who has just passed away—was an eloquent voice in Mets fandom.

As I said, I was not his contemporary, and didn’t really interact with him apart from being in the same room a few times (most recently last Saturday for the Gary, Keith, and Ron event at Foley’s).  But Greg Prince of Faith And Fear In Flushing has written an appreciation of him, and you can find it here

From it, I take away a concept of which I’m still on the fairer side: aging along with your touchstones.  I’m not yet thirty; things are still new.  They won’t be forever.  We live in a perpetually nuanced space.  …Whatever that means.

Please read Mr. Prince’s piece, then head over to Mr. Brand’s blog.  As real as it gets.

Back on Tuesday. 

Let’s go Mets!