Paul Vargas, a writer and administrative professional living in Brooklyn, NY, fancies himself clever and urbane. His handle, if he lived in the glory days of CB radio, would be “omniality.”  While this site is all sorts of defunct, he urges you to do what you want with what’s here.

When he attends games at Citi Field, he backslides into stages of grief, anger, elation, and brute exultation.

During the 2009 season, he sat in Section Five Twenty-Eight: a glorious spot with its own ad hoc mascot.

Nicknames include “Calm Down,” “Belliger-Paul,” and, “Oh, I’m Sorry, I Didn’t Know That Ginger Ale In The Fridge Belonged To You.”

He also drinks beer, and admires Rickey Henderson’s devotion to the third person singular.

He can be reached at omniality [at] gmail [dot] com.