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Sweet sassy molassey.

And is that infant wearing headgear?

I’m watching the Brewers “play” the Padres, or, more appropriately, the Padres play the Brewers.  Randy Wolf was wholly ineffective through 3.1, and now Sergio Mitre is on the mound with one on and one out in a 5-0 game (advantage: camo fathers).

So occasionally I look over to see what’s happening.  I just looked over and saw this.

I’m too lazy to run a search, and doubtless any internet search at work for


…will overload my workstation’s filter.

So, if you know, let me know on Twitter (gah): @omniality

Sergio Mitre allowed a hit and induced a double play.  Inning over.  ::Snooze.::

This actually made me LOL (laugh out loud).

And then, sadly, I began to consider the physics of dropping a 300 foot-wide, 100 foot-tall sheet of fabric with no draft flaps off the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, on the first Sunday in November (which is when the New York City Marathon is held, annually).  What would they have to do?

  • ensure the ties from the sheet to the bridge had some give to withstand the stress of the wind;
  • stop harbor traffic for the duration of the display;
  • control removal from the bay rather than from the bridge (I don’t see any wire guides to haul the thing back up, though a flexible wire weight at the bottom of the sheet would do wonders for its display);
  • come up with something less pointless to say than “grow.”

My sense of childhood wonder is officially dead.  Time to start investing in pale yellow short-sleeved button-down shirts and pocket protectors.

The Mex Burger

My view tonight.

A little word salad for you this morning, courtesy the Mets’ loss last night, Terry Collins, and MetsBlog (for the transcript).

Also, Wordle.

José starting us off…

Back at Citi Field. Misty out, and a little misty-eyed. Let’s go Mets!


That’s some, uh, interesting hand placement there, Warthen.

Warthen’s just doubling now as the Mets’ trainer.  All about cost-cutting.  They ashcanned Ramirez and Dan’s out there ensuring Chris groin’s in top form.  Given the Mets’ recent history of injury, it’s a savvy mid-game move on his part.

I don’t quite know where to begin…