If you’re a fan of Mets-based writing for MLBlogs, check out some of these characters:

Pick Me Up Some Mets!    
Author Zoe Rice is peppy, and she’s started in with the video now, which can only mean we’re due for a grab not unlike The Catch, while she’s there to record it. Here’s hoping.

Noble Thoughts    
The Mets MLB Pro Blog.

Perfect Pitch    
The Metropolitan Opera’s second oboist; I understand they may let her wear the batting gloves when she gets first chair.

A Jersey-based Mets season ticket holder, who should be commended for coming to 2009 games from out-of-state.    

M.T.’s Blogger    
Matt’s focus is mainly the Mets, but he’ll write about whatever’s noteworthy.

A collector. I know how I got warning track dirt, but I should ask how Alex managed.

The 1 Constant    
I like that photo of Bobby Valentine, too.
Mets Blog 2009    
Mets writing from (generally) the home of the Durham Bulls.

**This list will be updated, but by no means regularly.  If you find a good Mets-based MLBlog, let me know about it by writing to omniality [at] gmail [dot] com.