The article posted in The New York Times regarding the Rawlings S100 batting helmet went up less than a week before David Wright’s blow to the “melon.”  I believe I caught it and wrote about it, if not first, then ahead of the curve along with the other ahead-of-the-curvers.

The words “already lost season” have been used in speaking peripherally about Wright’s concussion, his post-concussion symptoms, the review of his road to recovery as seen by Atlanta outfielder Ryan Church, his roster replacement Andy Green (did we really, REALLY need another Green?), and the staggering company Wright’s now keeping on the DL.

The Mets are not yet mathematically eliminated from playoff contention.  But in the interest of sharing another article and testing my luck, I’ll grant the premise.  The Mets are done; 2010, here we come.

I just read something from the same newspaper that has not seen comment yet from baseball players, unless Fernando Martinez has chimed in and I’ve not heard it.  This, then, bearing the title “Novelties,” about a neat artificial plug that can help repair bone and cartilage by providing a scaffold around which new natural tissue can grow.

Again, I’ve not heard Met reaction regarding this advancement in medicine, though I’m sure the folks in the front office are getting right to it, Steven Matz and his impending signing be damned. 

But if it’s just about me bringing it up and a Met getting injured in such a way as the new tech will or would have helped, well, the clock is ticking.  I mentioned the helmet on Wednesday and Wright was beaned on Saturday.  So if today is Monday, we should be looking at a Met player blowing out his knee on… Thursday.  Johan Santana is slated to pitch against Kenshin Kawakami.

Let it NOT be Johan.  I can take being the Blogging Angel of Death, but that man’s suffered enough.