Had a tremendously long occasion this morning, waiting for my BlackBerry to update some sort of firmware something and my laptop to run through its resource-hungry virus scan process, to sit in my bedroom’s armchair and stare out onto a cloudy morning.

Literally cloudy.  It was fairly overcast in New York, and I don’t think the mercury’s dropped this much below 70 degrees in weeks.

“There are less than two weeks left until Labor Day,” was my most striking thought.  I have the awful inability to experience time as running faster or slower on any given day or in any given occasion: at a party; in a waiting room; at work; watching pasta boil.  It’s all the same to me.  All long, but never longer or shorter: all the same to me.

Larbor Day has not snuck up on me but I’ve completely forgotten to make any sort of plan to duck out for the weekend or crank up the barbecue, or any of that business.  My next game at the ball park is the day after, so I don’t suppose I will go anywhere.  Besides, I usually take some time on Labor Day to update my resume–you should do this AT LEAST yearly, those new to the b.s. that is the adult labor market–and change the batteries on my smoke detector.

Somewhere between labor, qualifications, and going up in flames, I got back to thinking about the Mets.

I’ve added two links to the “I Need Help” section: first, to the Mets.com “40-Man Roster” page, which should see at least SOME movement come September 1st, and to the Mets section of Cot’s Baseball Contracts (there are other sources out there, but Cot’s seems easiest to navigate, and has itself a thorough blogroll of sources).

With the rotation the way it is, and the free agents piling up, there’s already plenty of chatter about what the team will look like in 2010.  A lot of it is not positive.  And there’s a reason for that, certainly.  It’s scary looking at this team as it’s constructed, look at the salary and talent departing, and wonder if the rumors of the Wilpons’ dire financial straits are true.

My hope is that as we all play fantasy GM this September and heading into the off-season, that we do it from a competent reference point.  No one likes it when a guy demands that “Carlos Delgado be traded straight-up for Carl Crawford,” when buddy, that can’t really happen.