David Wright will be trying out the S100.  This from ESPN:

“Six S100 helmets are being sent to each major league team for its players to try out for the rest of this year.

Wright is one of those six — if the helmet arrives in time for the Mets’ game against Colorado at Coors Field.”

Try FedEx; they deliver overnight, I hear.

Separately, from Chowdah:

“Mets outfielder Jeff Francoeur examined the new helmet and said it’s too bulky and uncomfortable. He
also questioned its effectiveness against a high-and-tight fastball
from one of the majors’ top pitchers.

‘You get hit with a 94, 95
in the head like that it’s going to hurt — no matter what you’re
wearing, I think,’ he said. ‘You can say all you want that it’s all
protective, but at the same time it doesn’t seem like anything can
fully protect you, you know?'”

Hey, Chowdah?  Just wear the damn thing already.

Check out my initial post on this, which has the link to the article in the Times, which is really all you need.