Songs will be sung about the day Frankie Rodriguez came in and threw a five-pitch save (vs. Nationals: W; 6-2).  The song will be to the tune of “Yakety Sax,” but don’t sweat the details.

It’s a busy day in the world of me, and I got about two hours of sleep last night.  It truly feels as though I’ve been up for three days.  Out of sorts?  Sure.

But I leave you with a question, which you can mull privately or email me about:

The Mets have come close to no-hitting teams, but have yet to actually achieve this goal.  Besides a Santana game against Tampa Bay in the middle of the season, I seem to keep seeing the possibility at the beginning of a season or at the end of a season, against teams that swing for the fences and rarely connect when they flail like that.

In other words, the best chances have come against scrubs during garbage time.

The question: if the Mets manage to put together a no-hitter–and note that only the most lights-out no-hitters are fully owned by the pitcher–would it cheapen the achievement if it came against the major league equivalent of the Washington Generals?

Would we hear “Well, good for your guys finally bringing one home, but it’s not like you did it against the ’75 Reds”?

Just something I’ve been thinking about, along with Nolan Ryan.  Occasionally my thoughts stray to Ryan, who has seven no-hitters but only one World Series win under his belt.  Wonder if he cares about that.