3:59p: And that’s that.  Pedroia pops out to shortstop.  7-6 Angels; they move on to face the winner of Twins-Yankees.
Where did this game turn from decent to suck for the Sox?  That walk to Chone Figgins didn’t help.
Meh.  Should make my impending trip to Boston less loud.  And my Yankees fan friends should be happy.
Woof, Papelbon.  Woof.
I’m getting crowded here and I’ve ignored a tightrope walk between the Steelers and Lions and a bloodbath executed by the Giants in East Rutherford.  So I’m going to sink into that.
Catch you later for Twins-Yankees.

3:58p: Ellsbury fouls out to the catcher, and the Red Sox are down to their final out.
Here comes Pedroia.

3:51p: Morales flies out to left.
Bottom of the ninth.  Brian Fuentes in to close out the game–and the series–for the Angels.
Walking Torii Hunter for Vladimir Guerrero.  When he bats right, too.  I don’t get it.  Just go for him.  Make him beat you.

3:49p: And Guerrero rips a single to center, scoring two.  7-6, Angels, with Okajima now in to face Kendry Morales.
Dumb, dumb, dumb, this intentional walk business.

3:46p: Torii Hunter is intentionally walked for Vladimir Guerrero, which makes no earthly sense to me.
I mean, match-up wise, it makes some sense.  But… no; they could use the same hand to hold a fork, and I wouldn’t approve.

3:44p: Abreu doubles.  Aybar scores, other runners in scoring position.  6-5 Sox with Torii Hunter up.

3:43p:  GameCast is silent.  Ominous sign.

3:37p: Papelbon set up outside before coming in on Chone Figgins.  Two strikes, looking, and it’s emergency hack time.
Foul.  Ball four, and the tying run is at first.

3:36p: He singles and moves to second on indifference.

3:34p: Last out time.  Papelbon versus… Erick Aybar.  Down two.  I don’t know what it’s like to have a bottom of the order hitter batting over .300.  I don’t know whether I should be excited at my computer or not.
I choose not.

3:25p: Got lost in a conversation with the bartender here about pre-Prohibition era cocktails.
Joey Gathright, whom I will hereon confuse with football “star” Joey Galloway, was the pinch runner.  He stole second (which David Ortiz hasn’t done since parties in his freshman year of high school), and came in on Mike Lowell’s single.  6-4, Sox.

3:18p: It’s gettin’ wacky up in here.  Pacific Standard is in sore need of a dog run.
David Ortiz has a hit.  And he’s out for a pinch-runner.
Also, don’t know why, but I find this tickles me:
Scratch that, I do know why.  “Aw, snap!” And the sad folder.

3:12p:  From ESPN:
Pujols, 3 for 10 with an RBI and no extra-base hits in the series, left Busch Stadium without speaking to reporters. Holliday was 2 for 12 with a solo homer.”

Emphasis mine.

Billy Wagner picked off Rivera’s pinch-runner to end the threat in the eighth.

3:06p: And there it is: Rivera raps a single to right center.  5-4 Red Sox.
Note to teams in the post-season: eliminate all players with ties to the Mets.  Otherwise, it will not end well for you.
Meanwhile, Mr. Wagner, I recommend you accept arbitration next year.

3:03p: Guerrero walked; Morales makes an out to move the runners over.  Two out, runners in scoring position.  A deep hit brings the Angels back into the talk.  C’mon, Wags.

2:55p: Billy Wagner up in the eight for the Boston Red Sox.  He gives up a lead-off double to Bobby Abreu. 

2:37p: Seriously, now: how do you manage to let this happen?

“He first injured his right leg on May 13 in a game at Citi Field and did not play in a subsequent four-game series in San Francisco. The Mets said at the time that Reyes had an injured right calf.

From San Francisco, the Mets flew to Los Angeles, to open a series with the Dodgers. When they arrived, the Mets arranged to have Reyes examined by the Dodgers’ team doctor, Dr. Neal ElAttrache. According to a person who works in baseball and has knowledge of what occurred at the time, ElAttrache gave Reyes a magnetic resonance imaging test and told the player and the Mets that he had a partly torn accessory hamstring tendon.”

From the Times article linked two posts ago.

You’re killing me.  The Dodgers organization has no vested interest in not showing the Mets up.  They’ve a vested interest in showing that their medical staff is above reproach.

I didn’t call this out enough on my post about the Mets media blitz on the 5th.  I got the sense that this Reyes thing wasn’t over.
It’s just not a mark of a classy organization, to throw another one under the bus, especially when that opposing, potentially bus-tire-bound organization has access to the same reporters and words in the English language as you do.
Good God.  Who’s quarterbacking this?
5-2 Red Sox, bottom seventh.

2:26p: While watching the Dodgers-Cardinals game, The Wife asked: “What colors are the seats at Citi Field, again?”
“Dark green,” I answered.
“Right.  Why aren’t they blue?  Look at the seats at the Cardinals park.  Look how good they look.”
I said something about some homage to the Polo Grounds, but it occurred to me this morning that I don’t recall where I got that, so I can’t say that that’s true.
However, a couple of seconds as that occurred to me, it also occurred to me that Mets blue seats in that park would look awful.  Given the color of the iron work and the color of the exterior brick, seeing royal blue seats would be stark, and altogether unwelcome, aesthetically.
That’s a personal opinion.  Anyone wishing to go through the trouble of Photoshopping evidence to the contrary is welcome to send it along.
Relatively quiet bottom of the seventh for Boston; Mike Lowell walked.

2:16p: Pandemonium in Fenway.  Torii Hunter notches a deep double; goes to third on a Clay Buchholz balk, who then gives up an infield single to Vladimir Guerrero.  Kendry Morales walks, and that’s it for Clay.  Bases loaded, no one out.
Bard relieves Buchholz, and manages to get out of the jam with only letting up one run, as the Boston defense pulls out a double play on Juan Rivera’s unfortunateness.  Maicer Itzuris popped out.
Time for the long pants on the bullpen, Boston.  

2:02p: Internet’s back up.  Sox over Angels, 5-1 in the 5th.  Way to do it right, Boston.  Watching on Gamecast.

Dodgers-Cardinals: I can’t recall the Cardinals ever lying down as thoroughly as the Cardinals did in Game Three.  Vicente Padilla is, by no means, the second coming of Sandy Koufax.  Were the Cardinals that much of a mirage, or did they just have a bad day?
And don’t tell me they got jobbed by the strike zone.  Mike Everitt was the apostle of anti-Cuzzi-dom.