That slow roll-out of improvements (as I see them, anyway) has begun.

Sidebar links (what one might call a blog roll, I suppose), have been tidied up a bit.  You’ll have to endure an extra click to get to Mets-based MLBlogs, but it won’t all look so ragged there.

Most change-ified: the “Contact” tab to the left side of the page, which follows one as one reads.  MLBlogs is fairly tight-fisted when it comes to its contact and comment policies–people essentially have to email me to speak on a topic, if they don’t have an login.  So they should now just click the tab, and fill out the form.  It’ll do a mild sort of verification as well.  Because it also holds my Twitter account information on it, I’ve removed that section from the sidebar.  If I see an uptick in comments as a result, I’ll spring for the five bucks a month to remove the logo and the ads for “Filipina singles” and “Email templates.”

My thanks to A Bite Off The Big Apple for the unsuspecting assist.  I note that it works effectively on Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer 8, which are the top three platforms for viewing this blog, by far (unless you’re all hiding yourselves from my StatCounter cookie).  If the tab’s all broken and junk for you, email me at omniality [at] gmail [dot] com and let me know:

  • what it looks like;
  • what browser you’re using.

I may just send a mea culpa; if you’re still using IE 5 and have everything but text and hyperlink colors turned off, the blog’s going to look absolutely atrocious anyway.  Like driving a car with your feet.

Like driving a car with your feet.

More and more subtle changes to come, as soon as I can determine how to get them done.