Cheers to the Times for publishing something that’s a) a decent read, and b) vaguely about the Mets.

Apparently Rico Brogna’s been hiding out at Wesleyan University, teaching the kids how to run at sixty in a forty zone, football-wise.  And like the guy who says, “Fixing a car’s just like making love to a woman,” (I know no one who says that), he’s going to book this experience to a job as a major league manager someday.  Read the article here.

That’s a bit glib; apparently he’s been connected with the Arizona Diamondbacks this year.  Additionally, volunteering to show kids how to keep their feet under them as they bust out of the flat, regardless of whether or not you do it by shouting semi-coherent phrases like:

“Just keep running it with speed…”

is quite admirable.  I sure as hell wouldn’t volunteer to do a damn thing at Wesleyan.  Yes: I’m turning my nose up at Wesleyan.

I suppose some of the management techniques can carry over.  A major league manager shouldn’t be responsible for teaching the young ones how to swing at a baseball, so I presume Brogna will have no opportunity to teach them instead how to receive a snap from center or throw spirals in from right field.

Good on him; I hope he does well.  It’s certainly less orthodox than Gary Carter’s plan to manage a team not named the Ducks one day. But if it works, have a ball, baby.

Hey, Rico: remember 1996?  Some solid first baseman names that year.  Say ’em aloud, with force and vigor:

Rico Brogna!

Butch Huskey!

Roberto Petagine!

Crap.  Now I’ve made myself sad.