I’ve been so caught up in my electronic nonsense that I almost forgot about Jerry Dior.

Mr. Dior designed the logo for Major League Baseball, which began appearing on baseball uniforms in 1969.  He was honored at Yankee Stadium on Wednesday, and will be at the ball park today to be honored by the Mets.

Mr. Dior’s baseball love began in Brooklyn, watching the Dodgers in the ’30s and the ’40s.  His logo style’s been jacked honored by a number of other sports, notably the NBA/WNBA and the ugly stepchild of the NHL, the AHL.

Red, white, blue, with a silhouette and a ball.  Remarkable how simple enduring design can be.  Let that be a lesson to whomever developed the graphics for 2006’s MTV Video Music Awards (or was it 2007 with the odd solid-action lines, like we were in a puke-neon version of Tron?).

Here’s an article about Mr. Dior, from MLB’s website, which includes a neat video interview with the guy. 

Here’s one by Paul Lukas of Uni Watch, who worked to kill the minor fracas over who actually designed the thing (and kudos to Mr. Lukas for being a level-headed reporter, and James Sherman for being a man about being wrong).

And as for where I learned the news that Mr. Dior will be on hand tonight, head to the Uni Watch post here.

Not much to look forward to in Flushing lately, but being in the same building as this guy will be something neat to put in the pocket.