I’m scarfing a sandwich between steps in a task I find deeply unfortunate and not at all fun.

Your blogger is fine and in no danger, but make no mistake, kids: if you figure out what it is you love in college, take advantage of those unpaid summer internships, where you work someplace cool but all you do is fetch coffee and make copies.  You’ll need the contacts.  Don’t wind up like me, sifting through Excel spreadsheets and hurriedly working phones, all the time wondering if you should really bother with adding a narrator to the screenplay you’re working on.  Woof.

Anyway, as Short Round would say: no time for love, Dr. Jones.  But before the sandwich ends and the day continues, allow me a bit of near-gallows humor, and some fun with Print Screen.

Just saw this to the side of the “Mets” section of MLBlogs:

not so much.jpgAllow me to offer a hearty and heartfelt “not so much” to Ol’ Razor.