Took five minutes out of a lunch hour I didn’t use to check my email for this blog. 

A bunch of messages about Steve Phillips.

This is separate from my personal email, wherein I have about twenty messages from a few friends who’ve gone back and forth.

The personal emails don’t solicit my opinion.  The blog emails do.

I have an opinion; I’m not sharing it.  Guy’s got a wife and kids, and a load of headaches right now.  I’m not a practicing Catholic, but my gut tells me something along the lines of “it’s not your business.”  So, as it’s not my business, I’ll be keeping my mouth shut on this public forum, and declining offers to respond from those who’ve found me through said forum.

So apologies to those who have asked questions.  However, some of you seem to be Phillies fans who are trying to rub my nose in… something.  He was the Mets’ GM about a bajillion years ago.  The apology does not extend to you.