Watched the Battle Of The Facial Hair yesterday.
I didn’t even know I was watching it until about the fifth inning. But after the house’s supply of Olde Tyme Baseballer Jokes at Brendan Ryan’s expense had been depleted, it was time to widen the field.
Clayton Kershaw? It’s like he gathered the hair in the shower room sinks and pasted it on his face.  Adam Wainwright? Getting close, but unable to commit.  Casey Blake? Now THERE’S a beard.  And Ryan Franklin?

Hoo boy.

I think he came to the mound expecting to be done in time for the barn raising.

The St. Louis Team Bus was followed to Dodger Stadium by the Ryan Franklin Horse And Buggy.

Ryan Franklin’s endorsement deal isn’t with Mennen; it’s with Mennonite.
These are the jokes, folks.
Odd what one finds oneself watching when one’s team isn’t in the playoffs. I watched St. Louis at Los Angeles with an eye towards parts.
No one on Los Angeles, really. I get the sense everyone there likes being there, or is out to lunch. The latter category includes Manny Ramirez and Ronnie Belliard–who, to his credit, had one of two legitimate hits in the bottom of the ninth to win the game.
St. Louis’s top possible is, of course, Matt Holliday, and his homer to start the limited scoring was delightful. His error at the end of the game was less so. But maybe it’s nerves, and maybe if St. Louis goes quietly in three, the focus will be on his error, and his price point will take a small hit. Clue me in: how does St. Louis deal with pariahs? Do they even make pariahs down in St. Louis?
Beyond that, very few baseball-related thoughts. I promised myself I’d watch at least most of one game of each division series match; I’ve got Colorado-Philadelphia and Anaheim-Boston to go.
No mailbag today; busy up in the hills of Vargasville, with The Wife in town and an early start to this particular day.  But I will provide a public service announcement:
Go see Zombieland.  The trailer, as unreal as it was, did NOT do its hilarity justice.  And given the movie’s events, it’s clear to me that not enough of the populace has gone to see it. Otherwise, I’d’ve overheard something to spoil it by now, and been thrown into the red as a result. 
See it, because next week belongs to Where The Wild Things Are, which given Disney’s ownership of the Muppets will be the closest thing we’ll get to anything like Labyrinth for a long, long time; you know this, and after it, Zombieland will fade from your consciousness.
This concludes my public service announcement. Go Twins/Yankees, Dodgers, Rockies, and Red Sox.