He’s shipping off.

My regret, now, is I didn’t try to go see his first start after rehab.  Or his second, though I was with The Wife for the first (and unable to reasonably finagle a second ball park visit in the week) and delirious during the second, so really I can be excused.

Here’s what’s interesting about monitoring this: Wikipedia’s entry for Billy Wagner now shows he’s a pitcher for the Red Sox.  Meanwhile, I can barely get it together to find my belt fifteen minutes after putting on my pants. 

I can only hope that whomsoever’s got the time to update Wagner’s Wikipedia entry–within fifteen minutes of actual details of the deal being released–makes it their business to wear pants.  And while we’re at it, a clean shirt.

The man has committed his share of gaffes and no-nos.  But at present, he appears to be someone else’s problem, while the Mets have enough of their own.

I’ll toast Wagner tonight for the fun I had watching him, and move on.  Later tonight, I’ll consider lighting a votive for Johan.