Some have asked for my email address in the post which mentions that I can now be emailed.  It’s there now, though I now fear spammers will inundate me.

In case you don’t wish to go the extra click, the address is omniality [at] gmail [dot] com.

I live life like Billy Crystal’s character in City Slickers.  6:40a today.

::Phone rings.::

Me: Hello.
My mother: Hi, nino.
Me: Hi, Mom.

My mother
: Tu sabes que paso hoy? (Forgive lack of upside-down question mark and Spanish.  Translation: You know what happened today?)
Me: I have a pretty good idea.

My mother
: Happy birthday, nino.
Me: Thank you.

My mother
: What are you doing today?
Me: Think I might shower and go to work.  Don’t know much besides that.

My mother
: Oh, okay.

: See you tomorrow, Mom.
My mother: Bye, nino.  Have a good day.

I have a feeling the day will be just fine. 

Then again, I had a feeling last week that the night was going to be a good, good night. 

That turned out not to be true.

…Maybe if I can seek out some sort of pastry with a candle in it, I’ll make a wish.

I’ll be at Two Boots Tavern this evening because it’s the last Amazin’ Tuesday event, and because I’m stubborn: my record at non-ball park organized Mets events stands at 0-5, which is ridiculous given my outrageously good record at the park; I think I’ve seen twenty percent of the Mets wins at home this season.

The event is the brainchild of the folks over at Faith And Fear In Flushing; catch the details here.  Those who attend and wish to say hi may get a further invite to Pacific Standard in downtown Brooklyn, home of the $3 mid-week pint and a Star Trek: The Next Generation pinball machine, which is dutifully awaiting pwnage by me. 

That being the case, don’t feel obligated to say hi.  I may not be much of a conversationalist when the quarters drop in.

Coverage of the reading/discussion, and questions answered on my harebrained Mets Museum idea, to come tomorrow,

Let’s go Mets!