Ah, Mr. Noble.  Read here.

It’s at least the second time this season Marty Noble has written something about where his fan loyalties lie, and the second time he’s stated that he doesn’t have any, and that in fact it’s critical to his job that he remain unattached.

I wrote here about the first time I caught this (skip past the “Mets Poet” if you wish, but seek out his book–it’s worth having), and I’m tempted to write about it again, but I’m small potatoes and if the man’s found something that works for him, might as well just let him go for it.

The method he states he’s employing seems quite anhedonic, though.  And I do mean to couch that statement, because I don’t quite believe he’s without some sort of positive or negative bias. 

As to that bias, I’m inclined to believe that the Mets’ poor play and sad outcomes over the past few years has created something of a credibility gap for him re: them, in that he’ll need to see Luis Castillo have a 30/30 season and David Wright shoot lightning bolts from his fists in order to drop the “When will the other shoe drop?” cast that so many of his articles take.  I’m inclined to believe that more than that he’s a mole for the Yankees.  There are dozens upon dozens of his pieces that don’t mention the Yankees at all.  Reader bias assumes he’s comparing Met apples to Yankee apples.

And really, they’re apples and oranges.

I highlight the article only because I’d made prior mention, and it reminded me how strongly I still believe that one can be a fan of an entity and still write neutrally.  We should strive for objectivity and still keep our private joys and thus be better humans for it. 

Yes, Mr. Noble, we know you were old enough to visit Ebbets Field the Polo Grounds.  Yes, we know you’re not a kid anymore.  I’m not interested in that as defense for your work reading as moody and insolent, and I’m one of the readers your articles are meant to speak to. 

The information’s good, but the angle usually smells of fatalism, the quotes seem to be positioned to further that fatalism through analysis, and as such at least one member of your readership thinks YOU should do something about that.

I guess I should be glad, though, that you’ve not to date pulled a Jack Curry.  God, I still find that reprehensible.

Unless something substantial comes down the pike regarding Mr. Noble’s temperament, I think I’ve made whatever point was rattling around in my head.  But, if I may run the risk of torpedoing my point:

Mr. Noble, if for whatever reason you’re simply something of a misanthrope, and it’s gotten you to the point where you get to watch baseball for free and write about it for a living, then don’t let me stop you.  I’m not one to rock someone’s boat or tell them to stop feeling bad.  I may not read you much longer, but you’d never really know, and there are plenty of others who will.