My Friday has been consumed with budget spreadsheets.  Good thing, though, as I can barely keep my head on straight for five minutes.  WAY too much going on this weekend.

So, kudos to A.J. Burnett not going all Nuke LaLoosh, and on ad nauseum.  But this guy’s gotta buckle down, and get to work only… how many minutes late? 

Holy cow.  It’s really late. …Too many ugly people on this train. [ed.: I’m reviewing this now, and realizing it’s the truest thing I’ve said in a while.  Goddamn; woof.]

I’m working on sharpening up my online presence in advance of some new (and ironically, offline) ventures, so if I’ve timed things right you should see some changes to this blog on or about Sunday night, and connection to a larger one-stop, presenting all the things I do that have zilch to do with baseball.  That’s if I survive this deejay marathon Saturday night.  Pray for me.

I threw together all the John Olerud facts into one post, and you can find it here

And I went and got myself on Twitter, if anyone’s interested:  It’s new enough that you can smell the fresh binary; anything that comes out of my brain in the next 48 hours will probably find its way there, and there alone.  Baseball, non-baseball; y’know. 

So enjoy your weekends, and apologies to anyone subjected to my soft-launch horror; these things are unavoidable.  Try to act surprised when I make formal announcements.