Boo if you want.

I can’t recall if I’ve come out against booing in the past. If I have, I can’t find the post. But at the risk if being what Aaron Sorkin might describe as “conversationally anal-retentive,” I’ll state my case (in the second person because it’s late):

—you paid good money to be entertained. You deserve to be presented with an entertaining product.

—your Q-Zone could give a fuck if one game’s been played or one hundred games have been played. At present, the only link I can find between endorphins and the vicissitudes of sample size exists within dismissing sample size as a reason to do anything when your functional universe begins and ends with the one game.

—if you boo, you’re one of the staggering majority of bipeds on this planet whose emotional gauge runs from gut-busting, orgasmic joy to near-suicidal despair. And mostly you reside in the safe zone, within a standard deviation under the bell curve. You are probably not someone whose scale goes from gut-busting, orgasmic joy to “meh.”

So it stands to reason that if you can jump up and cheer a David Wright homer in the eighth inning of game number 10, you can boo the crap out of Scott Hairston, who has something like 15 at bats and one hit.

I get, get, get that some people suck and always will, and some people only suck because their girlfriend left them the night before or they stopped selling their favorite ice cream flavor (“Play Me Off Cat” Cookies & Cream, with little chunks of… wait for it… marsh-mall”eow”).

But much like there are highs and lows in all of us that must be acknowledged, there are highs and lows in this game that must be acknowledged, too. We acknowledge the highs with cheers because we paid good money to go in and cheer that stuff. It seems disingenuous, then, to lambaste those who, when faced with a shit-tastic play, have an equally strong negative reaction.

And either the guys on the field have a thick skin, or not. They can’t have it both ways, and you, the fan, shouldn’t feel you have to keep that stuff bottled up.

Now, go boo responsibly. Understand when the offending play is over, and move on. CHEER every good play and possibility as often as you jeer every I-Knew-It. Watch the game, know the plays.

And never, under ANY circumstances, do the wave.