I’m populating my ballpark iPod for the season. It’s one of those Trident-gum-shaped Shuffles, that helps me travel light enough to skip bag check lines without feeling like I weigh two hundred pounds. Also, if it cracks or gets lost in a frenzy, I won’t feel too bad. Thing cost me all of thirty dollars and has given all of itself countless times.

Anyway, a ballpark playlist needs to be a driver. No weak tracks allowed. As I scan my music collection as a whole, I’ve found a couple more songs I’d charge out to as I was being called from the bullpen.

And given the past few games, I think I have a non-zero shot of this prep being somewhat useful. (Ownership and Alderson: I’ll be in Section 325 tomorrow. I’m an out of shape right-hander who only throws eephus pitches.)

I was remiss in not noting the following songs as excellent options:

—“Up For The Downstroke,” by Parliament

—“Life During Wartime,” Talking Heads

—“Bottles To The Ground,” NOFX (that one’s a thinker; I’m tossing my bottle of water to the ground…)

—“Red Right Hand,” Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

Of all those, I’m feeling the Nick Cave the most. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the impending release of Scream 4, which I am in no way embarrassingly excited about.

Jon Niese on the mound tomorrow for my first game at Citi since the Ike Davis game that was so damned cathartic, if fleetingly so. As I said, I’ll be in Section 325, and make a decent wage these days, so if you read this and are at the park tomorrow, come by, shout for Paul, and I’ll buy you a drink.

Let’s go Mets!